Ohio Community Tax/Utility Composite Rankings

There are a number of magazines and organizations that like to rank communities across the United States. The rankings are usually on a national level and the information is based on interesting market and lifestyle data, some of which is based on available census or market data. Trying to find some of this data is an exercise. Trying to find tax and utility data in Ohio is a real exercise, especially using public information sources.  There are a number of counties that do not have accessible commercial/industrial property tax rates. Trying to find this data is confounding because the format used by the Ohio Auditor’s Associations hides the information under the category of “Forms” rather than list property tax rates.

A number of cities and villages in Ohio have not responded to Ohio EPA residential rate surveys.  In some cases, it may be because suburban communities consider their regional water and sanitary sewer providers as the source of utilities and maybe do not consider it to be their duty to respond to the surveys – of course, this is just supposition on my part.  IF your community is not listed in our database, than please contact us to place your community in our ranking system. We did cut off the list at communities under 2,500 population.

You may ask why these numbers are important. In my discussions with site selectors and LinkedIn discussions, the cost of local taxes and utilities can contribute from 10% to 30% to a locational decision. These are significant influences. I will caveat, as mentioned above, that the property taxes being ranked are commercial/industrial rates. The water and sanitary sewer rates are from the 2009 Ohio EPA residential rate survey (based on 7,756 gal./mo. Or 1,037 c.f./mo.). Having said that, CDJ has compiled (readily accessible and available) property tax data, municipal income tax data, school income tax data, county sales tax data and municipal water and sanitary sewer rate data for communities in Ohio.

The communities with the lowest composite tax/utility scores are, from lowest:

1.) Village of South Point (Lawrence County)
2.) Village of Carrollton (Carroll County)
3.) Village of Brewster (Stark County)
4.) City of Wapakoneta (Auglaize County)
5.) City of North Ridgeville (Lorain County)
6.) Village of Arcanum (Darke County)
7.) City of Wooster (Wayne County)
8.) Village of Bremen (Fairfield County)
9.) Village of Greenwich (Huron County)
10.) City of Salem (Columbiana County)/Village of St. Henry (Mercer County)

The communities with the highest composite tax/utility scores are,from the highest:

1.) City of Elyria (Lorain County)
2.) Village of Dennison (Tuscarawas County)
3.) City of Galion (Crawford County)
4.) City of Youngstown (Mahoning County)
5.) City of Twinsburg (Summit County)
6.) City of Strongsville (Cuyahoga County)
7.) City of Bedford (Cuyahoga County)
8.) City of Wyoming (Hamilton County)
9.) City of Port Clinton (Ottawa County)
10.) City of Lancaster (Fairfield County)

To see where your community places in any of these indices, please contact us. Similarly, if your community is not in this listing, please contact us and can discuss the information that may be not accessible or readily available.


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