Indiana U study on location decisions

These analysts take into account many factors, but local ones are key. They include the quality and availability of the labor force, transportation infrastructure, non-wage labor costs, access to innovative technologies and the cost of doing business.

Few factors garner as much policy interest as do state and local taxes. For firms which may operate virtually anywhere, tax rates – along with the quality of local public goods – matter a great deal in location decisions. Taxes on the business, individual income taxes (both on workers and small business), sales unemployment insurance and property taxes all play a role in assessing regions for a potential employer location.

The question for localities is what is the best platform to provide this information?  The answer is to call CDJ Consulting (33-541-3128), or go to our website at:  We have THE cost-effective answer.



About Economic Development Data Services, Inc.

EDDS is a company focused on providing effective, efficient solutions for local governments in the areas of community and economic development and strategic planning. We offer the BARC - Business Assistance Recruitment Calculator - tool and website solutions in developing economic development websites. Our new website is
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