BARC® Statistics

EDDS recently posted two BARC® ELECTRIC service calculators on the Oak Harbor (OH) and Painesville (OH) websites.  The Oak Harbor BARC® has been up for about a month and Painesville’s BARC® has been up for approximately two weeks.  We have some analytics to report even in this short period of time:

Oak Harbor: 34 hits and 13 clicks.  Painesville: 24 hits and 13 clicks.  The hits are the number of visits to the respective community BARC® webpage.  The clicks are the number of times that each calculator has been used.  Certainly longer term usage will be a better indicator of the success of the BARC® tool.  But based on these numbers, and if these trends continue over the year, the cost of the BARC® comes to about $9 per click.

This metric is important because these clicks correspond to the time and cost taken by a staff person – usually a well paid administrative position – to find, and calculate the information and return the phone call or email to the client looking for the information. In talking with some local government economic development colleagues, this time frame can take as little as an hour to a few weeks.  A tool like BARC® increases the efficiency of staff and saves staff time cost.

I am doubting that any city economic development person works for $9.00 an hour.  The economics of the calculator map make the tool very affordable; and when we consider that the second year of the BARC® purchase is 50% of the initial purchase, thus raising the metrics of the BARC® tool.

The hits and clicks received are also reflective of the statistic that 90% of the site selection process occurs online and away from the notice of staffed economic development offices.

So, is BARC® a good investment for a community?  The early returns indicate YES.

You can contact Charley Bowman for more information at 330-541-3128 or  You can find our BARC ELECTRIC model at


About Economic Development Data Services, Inc.

EDDS is a company focused on providing effective, efficient solutions for local governments in the areas of community and economic development and strategic planning. We offer the BARC - Business Assistance Recruitment Calculator - tool and website solutions in developing economic development websites. Our new website is
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