Cities/Villages with Lowest Cost of Doing Business in Ohio

Two years ago, CDJ Consulting announced the cities and villages with the lowest taxes and utilities.  We researched municipal income taxes, school income taxes, commercial/industrial property taxes, residential water and sewer rates (Ohio EPA survey of 2009) and county sales tax.  Those 10 communities with the lowest cost in 2010 were, in order (from least costly):

1) South Point (Lawrence County)
2) Versailles (Darke County)
3) Carey (Wyandot)
4) Salem (Columbiana)
5) Minerva (Carroll)
6) Lima (Allen)
7) Greenville (Darke)
8) New Bremen (Auglaize)
9) Fairfield (Butler)
10) Upper Sandusky (Wyandot)

This year, under our new company name, Economic Development Data Services, LLC., we have used the same data and some of the names have changed.  The Ohio EPA residential water and sewer rates are from their 2010 survey.   The 2012 least costly city and village locations are:

1) South Point (Lawrence)
2) Carey (Wyandot)
3) Salem (Columbiana)
4) Versailles (Darke)
5) Minerva (Carroll)
6) Lima (Allen)
7) Greenville (Darke)
7) Millersburg (Holmes)
8) New Bremen (Auglaize)
9) Springfield (Clark)
10) Fairfield (Butler)

It is not a surprise that the least expensive are rural locales. Carey, Versailles, New Bremen are municipal electric communities. If we took into account the electric utility rates, these three locations would be the least costly in Ohio.

We are anticipating having a similar survey taking into account water and sanitary sewer rates for commercial, industrial users at various rates. This accounting will make our rankings more meaningful when considering the cost of locations. For more information on our rankings program, feel free to contact us at EDDS or by calling 330-541-3128.

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