ED & Crowdfunding

I’ve been doing a bit of reading in this area as of late, partially because I’ve been seeking alternative funding for the further development of our BARC service.  Like every “modern” ED technique, school of thought, approach, etc, each idea seems to spread into other possibilities.  It appears that the crowdfunding idea is so very closely related to that of economic gardening as designed in Littleton, Colorado.  It is taking the old concept of community incubators to a newer, less organized, more grass root approach.


This website seems to embrace all of the above…


About Economic Development Data Services, Inc.

EDDS is a company focused on providing effective, efficient solutions for local governments in the areas of community and economic development and strategic planning. We offer the BARC - Business Assistance Recruitment Calculator - tool and website solutions in developing economic development websites. Our new website is www.econdevdataservices.com
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